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If you want me to voice in a game or animation of yours, then please send me a DETAILED message about the project you're scouting me for. I can't show any interest in you or your project if you don't tell me anything about it.

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More News, and school is out!

Posted by Sapphire - May 12th, 2010

A lot of things happened since my last post, so I'll start with the best thing in the world:

New Microphone!
I finally got my new mic in last month, and holy crap the quality is amazing. That means I'm going to be recording a lot with it now instead of my old Samson CO1U (still thinking about whether or not I should sell this). Looks like I need to make a new demo reel for the summer!

More Projects!
I normally don't talk about the flash movies or games I'm in, but I've been getting a good amount of voice requests lately. I'll be voicing in another game of Evil-Dog's which happens to be another awesome collab with another flash artist. I've played a few demos and the game is as amazing as fuck, and I'm convinced this will be one of the best games of 2010!

I'm also voicing for a couple of other flash artists like Jo-Silver, who's really got me excited for this new flash of his. Calicard is also coming out with a new flash soon, and I'm kind of interested in how it may turn out... Aaaand Black-Crystal scouted me a few days ago to possibly voice for the female lead in his flash series. I'm pretty excited about that. <3

I've been doing some freelance work on the side, too which is nice!

I released another Persona 4 comic dub (comic by Hiimdaisy) a few days ago. You can check it out below.

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Audio Portal
And last but not least, I'll be submitting some neat stuff into the audio portal this summer. Now that school's out I can focus more on my "Sexy Sound Project!" I need to finish scripting the first short, but that shouldn't take me long. I'm going to be commissioning HotDiggetyDemon to do cover art for it soon. I'll probably be commissioning other artists to do cover art for future shorts as well. I can't wait!

Anyway, that's it!

Comments (5)

Man, Tomamoto and you both kick so much ass in this dub.

Haha thanks. Chris does too, though.:T

OMG this absolutely awesome! if your looking for more voices hit me up!

Hahaha aww c'mon don't be like that. P4's cornyness is what draws you in. You tryin to tell me you wouldn't wanna be able to make hideous demons just by joining after-school clubs?

shaddup fag

I'm with the CO1U for now ):
What's the new microphone you got? I'M INTERESTED.

It's called a Rode NT-1A. It's about $230.00, but I think I only bought it cuz I was picky on quality. The Samson's a great mic though. I wouldn't get rid of it, unless you really don't mind buying a new mic. :T

you and tomamoto are a awesome team