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If you want me to voice in a game or animation of yours, then please send me a DETAILED message about the project you're scouting me for. I can't show any interest in you or your project if you don't tell me anything about it.

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Happy Robot Day (and other stuff)!

Posted by Sapphire - July 10th, 2010

Happy Robot Day, everyone!

Robot Day
My group and I worked on an audio submission for this event! You can find it here. This actually happens to be our second audio submission, our first one is a full song you only hear parts of in the link above. You can check out the song here.

Thanks to ZStriefel for the music and sound effects, Y. Chang, General-Ivan, and Philip Sacramento for the voice talent.

So there's a huge ass possibility that I'll be voicing in the indie game Skull Girls. I'm pretty excited for this. D: I just need to get in contact with the creator again...

But yay!!!

I won't be taking voice requests this week since I'm in the process of moving out of my apartment. Once I get my stuff into storage I'll be traveling back to my hometown to stay for the rest of the summer until school starts back up again. So in about a week and a half I'll be able to record again. If he request is very urgent and I'm really interested in your project, then I can try and record for ya. You just have to be quick about it.

Hamburger Moon
Check out the Hamburger Moon flash! Animated by Jaxxy and voiced by Ivan. I just put together the audio. :)

I've been singing some anime song covers lately. Not in Japanese mind you, but in English. Here's one that I'm pretty proud of that features my good friend Sarifus. The song is the opening for the anime Spice and Wolf. Lyrics were adapted by my friend Christine Marie.

Here's another song, from the anime Paradise Kiss. It's like a Gwen Stefani/Lady Gaga kind of mix. More upbeat and cool. You can listen to it here. The lyrics were adapted by my besto friendo Y. Chang.

Aaand that's all for now! I'm still working on my voice demo, but I don't think it'll be done until later this month. :(

Check out this old fandub I did featuring kid Obama and Hilary Clinton. And yes... I voiced Obama!

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wtf is dis fo shizle u crap on da brain fo shizle

izzle nizzle my wizzle :(

WOW PHIRE! that Skull girlz thing looks SICK! like the art and errythin.

I wish you the best with it!

Thanks! :)