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Entry #19

New Voice Demo

2012-05-04 18:14:04 by Sapphire

Long time, no post!

I made a new character demo because my bro Zach S. wanted to put up a bunch of voice reels on the Symphony of Specterssite. It's not really how I wanted my new demo to turn out, but that's okay because it's a placeholder.

Anyway, I've been so busy with school and other projects outside of NG that I haven't been really keeping up with the messages I've been getting here. I'm hoping that will change this summer.

With that said, if you'd like for m to voice in a project of yours (no youtube exclusive stuff) then please feel free to send me a detailed message about it and who/what you would like me to voice.

Bye now!


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2012-05-14 10:43:21

Perhaps one can create a Hamburger Moon 3? Its all we have left of Sailor Moon D:


2012-05-14 21:02:09

I checked it out. you'd do the voice of frieza very well.


2012-07-04 23:58:42

sounds i like to hear ur cool voice >w<


2013-08-27 13:03:19

great work sapp really enjoyd playing ROTD2 i can say from a gamers perspective it was not easy to pass story mode also great voice acting really nice job thanks <3