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Nice! :)

I have NOT reviewed a vid in forever. However, I thought this one deserved one!

Regardless of what anyone might say, I enjoyed this. It reminded me of the "Off-beats" from Nickelodeon's "Kablam!" Simple, yet entertaining. I really liked the art. The only thing I can nitpick is the framrate (I think that's what it's called). Anyway, some movements (like arms) in the begining seemed to go a little slower than needed.

5/5; 9/10!


This was so weird watching. I've never voiced in something like this before. XD

The rest of the cast was excellent, and the animation fit the story very well! Thank you so much for letting me voice in this! :)

samsonloftin responds:

No problem, your an amazing voice actress so thanks for your help. Who knows I might need you for another animation in the future. Thanks again for voicing in my animation. :D

I need a shoulder to cry on...

I.. I need warm milk. I-I just need to get over this heartache. *sigh*

No, seriously. This was hilarious.

5'd and favorited. B:


This has the best out of them so far. XD

5'd and favorited.


I really don't have anything to critique. I enjoyed this a lot, and I DO remember this show. XD


Very new!

I smiled throughout the whole things, I won't lie. This is a different kind of movie you don't see on Flash everyday. The animation was amazing, but I agree with most people on the voices being a bit too low in volume.

I'm going to favorite this anyway, because this was something interesting to watch. Great job!


That was just great. XD

"You know, for the lulz!"

This animation had me laughing throughout the entire thing. It reminded me of the hilarious random things that go on in Spongebob. This is basically an awesome summary of how the world reacted to the idea of the large Hadron Collider. Ahaha. This definitely gets a five! Great work!


I loved this scene in the movie and it was truly something you could make fun of. I loved all of the random bits in this. I feel, however, as it got towards the end, the comedic sparkle fell. There were a few times where it seemed the timing was a tad bit slow, and the amount of quotes used from the movie were a bit too much.

Other than that, this was a great watch! The three of you did a great job with the voices.

Ahaha, awesome.

Isn't it awesome being able to use sonic's voice clips for fun things? XD

I liked this a lot, it made me laugh at times. It's not really racist but stereotypical, which is why I found it funny (I'm in Texas, we have mexicans EVERYWHERE, they even crack jokes about their culture).

The audio was kind of annoying since it peaked every now and then, but then again this was from a messenger chat so the quality is never good.

Nice surprise!

Darkar responds:

Ding ding ding! Someone intelligent here! Yeah I also live in Texas and I've even met some other mexicans who share the same stereotype. So I was like, "Fuck this, I'll make fun of myself..."

If you want me to voice in a game or animation of yours, then please send me a DETAILED message about the project you're scouting me for. I can't show any interest in you or your project if you don't tell me anything about it.

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