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Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.

The animation was incredible. I've never been so blown away by an animation before. Obviously you spent a great amount of time and effort on this project because the results show it. I commend you on a job extremely well done.

If I had to nitpick anything, it'd probably be the girl's voice acting. It was really lacking in the emotion department, but the animation made up for it. Please continue this! I totally wish I could voice in this now. It's just so awesome!

Ironic? Mhmmmmmmmmm~

I love videos with this type of humor. The expressions, the story, the news guy--all hilarious!


Let me first start out by saying that the animation was good. It was simple and fit the idea very nicely.

Unfortunately I felt that this dragged on for too long, even for something that was meant to be humorous. I mean dragging as in "Okay... c'mon...let's move it. *snap, snap*". I felt the timing needed to be shorter-- a lot shorter. For example, the dynamite scene. Rather than him just standing there and letting it explode a couple of seconds later, you could have had him light it, have him realize that it wasn't going to explode, and AS SOON as he turned away, BAM. It explodes in front of his face (or not).

Also, if I hadn't read the author's comments before watching this I would have had no idea people were passing him by. I mean, the eye movements give away that he's looking at someone or a group of people pass by, but how do we know he's not watching a fly zoom around the air and he's just watching its pattern? It would have been good to put shadows of people passing by/stopping on the floor so the viewers (the people who don't read the author's comments) can quickly grasp what was going on. This would have added a bit to the humor, in my opinion.

And lastly, the background could have been better. There's just a guy standing there with different pieces of weird art by him, he's at an art show--But it doesn't LOOK like an art show. He looks like he's in empty space. Try to add more objects (like a painting) to the walls or something. Anything that can quickly show that he's at an art museum of some kind.

Anyway, I cannot stress this enough. The timing needed to be better and quicker. If you fixed that, THEN this probably would have been a delight to see.

Hopefully you keep these points in mind for any future projects you do!

Funny stuff, as always!

This was really entertaining! Once again, your singing neve ceases to amaze me!


The door opening part made me jump a bit. Haha. This flash reminds me of Family Guy. This was very funny!


This is probably one of the best flash videos I've ever watched. I couldn't keep my eyes closed!

If you want me to voice in a game or animation of yours, then please send me a DETAILED message about the project you're scouting me for. I can't show any interest in you or your project if you don't tell me anything about it.

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